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Course changes


Course changes during the first year

How does it work? Students who change courses between semester 1 and semester 2, without waiting for the end of the academic year.

Who is this system for? The course change system is only available to students with a valid registration for semester 1: Licence 1, DUT 1, STS, CPGE, PACES 1 and integrated preparatory classes for engineering schools, in particular.

What are the possible changes? 1- Change the major of a Licence The most common cases: Example: a student registered in the first year of Law in semester 1, can change to the first year of History in semester 2:

It is also possible to change courses by changing university: E.g.: change from first year in Letters at Orléans to first year in Musicology at Tours E.g.: change from Psychology at Tours to first year in Language Sciences at Orléans. But you cannot change university if you want to continue studying for the same Licence major that already exists in your initial university.

2- Register in L1, semester 2 after a first year in STS, CPGE, DUT, PCEM, etc. E.g.: a student registered in a Chemistry DUT can switch to L1 in Chemistry. E.g., a CPGE student can return to L1 in semester 2. Reminder: Every file is examined by an educational commission that voices a recommendation for or against the change of course of the candidate in L1. In this case, the change of course is not acquired by rights. 3- Can allow (on a case-by-case basis) a student registered for L1 or a DUT for the first semester, to change to a: - a BTS in Negotiations and Customer Relations in three semesters - a tertiary refresher module in readiness for a change to a BTS the following year as part of the agreement with the Lycée Voltaire for students at Orléans university.

Meeting with the Lycée Voltaire: Thursday 22 November 2012, from 2 pm to 5 pm, room B211 in the Law, Economics and Management department.

PACES: if you fail the first semester of the PACES, you can join the second semester of Biology (refresher), semester 2 of STAPS, etc. Please contact us.


 1. Come to the collective course change workshops (optional) Course change workshop on Tuesday 20 November 2012 in the Law, Economics and Management department (room C001, 9 am to 12 am and room C001, 2 pm to 5 pm)

These workshops are chaired by our two psychological advisers (exchanges, testimonies, advice, self-reflections, etc.)

You must register between Monday 22 October 2012 and Friday 16 November 2012: - You are a student at Orléans University: please register from your ENT - You are a student in another establishment: download and e-mail it to the following address: suio@univ-orleans.fr or deposit your registration at the SUIO (Maison de l'étudiant) before 16 November 2012. 2. Preliminary individual interviews (optional) Students intending to change courses are entitled to a preliminary individual interview before depositing their application. 3. Preparation of the files (COMPULSORY) The SUIO is the only depository of applications for course changes. Collection of files from the SUIO: from Tuesday 20 November to Wednesday 5 December 2012

Leave your file before 5 December 2012 with the original establishment, which will examine the file and return it to the SUIO.

For students who change courses within the university: an educational commission will make a recommendation at the student's request. Students are free to make their own choice.

For students from DUT, STS, CPGE, etc. courses, the commission takes a decision and the student cannot change courses by right. Students who request a transfer to the Lycée Voltaire must prepare a second application for the Lycée itself for admissions to the BTS NRC or to the tertiary refresher module. These files are available from the SUIO and must be returned to the SUIO, duly completed.

A meeting for students who are considering changing course will be held at the Lycée Voltaire on Thursday 22 November 2012 at 2 pm, in the Law, Economics and Management department, room B211. No prior registration required.

Contacts at the SUIO:

Stéphanie BUQUET Tel : +33(0) E-mail: Stephanie.Buquet@univ-orleans.fr