Université d'Orléans

Doctorate students and post-graduates


Les Doctoriales® in the Centre region - 21 to 26 October 2012 in Nouan le Fuzelier

 The universities of Orléans and François-Rabelais de Tours, under the aegis of the Research and Higher Education department of the Centre Val de Loire University organised the "Les Doctoriales®" in the Centre region seminar. The seminar took place between Sunday 21 and Friday 26 October 2012 at La ferme de Courcimont (41600 Nouan le Fuzelier).


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  • The assets of young doctors 

The assets of young ST doctors

  • aptitude for innovation and change, interpret and solve complex problems
  • writing skills, scientific rigour, creative spirit
  • specialisation and transversal skills, commitment, methodology
  • adaptability, autonomy, international network
  • ability to manage projects, hold interviews, sort, analyse and structure information

The assets of young SHS doctors

  • Multi-tasking capacity, ability to switch between their thesis and work, developing a sharp sense of organisation.
  • By working in France or abroad, capacity to command populations by listening and observing,
  • Management of loneliness, tenacity,
  • Achieve quality results with limited means,
  • Writing skills, command of oral and written expression
  • Improvisation and sense of initiative,
  • Commitment, methodology, adaptability, autonomy,
  • Hold interviews, sort, analyse and structure information,
  • Capacity to reconcile human and social development with innovation,
  • Capacity to interpret major social transformations



  • S.G, (Doctor in Human Sciences), editor at Calmann-Lévy, in charge of publications.

    • "I was recruited thanks to my ability to find good ideas, my commitment, my method and my intellectual rigour."


    G.B, (Doctor in Law), in charge of the Legal Watch department at CFDP Assurances.

    • "When you have a doctorate, you have to fight off a lot of preconceptions in order to find work in business. But once you're in, our capacities are quickly appreciated and become genuine assets."