Université d'Orléans

Goals and missions


The main mission of the ESEE is to facilitate the professional integration of students into the job market.


The ESEE is a department that serves:

  • -All the students at Orléans University, irrespective of their course of study, their discipline or their type of registration (initial training, further training, apprenticeship).
  • -All recruiters (companies, the public sector, NGOs, etc.): reception of job and internship offers, creation of partnerships to develop relations between the university and businesses, organisation of recruitment forums, etc.
  • -All the university faculties that want to take actions to prepare the professional integration of their students
  • - All the personnel members (lecturers, lecturer-researchers, BIATOSS) who want to benefit from further training in order to support their students (finding placements, jobs, contacts with companies, etc.)


The ESEE adds to and supports the actions that are taken by the faculties. Its missions are:

  • - to develop cooperation between professional circles (companies, local authorities, groups of employers, etc.) and the university as part of the preparation of students for their professional integration.
  • - to generate synergies between existing initiatives and the development of new initiatives.