Université d'Orléans

The library

We also have a library to help you decide on your counselling.

The information and counselling assistants and the COPs are permanently available at reception to guide you in your research by offering access to:

    • The training on offer in the universities (technical diplomas, professional Licences, Master, etc.)
    • The theme-based categories, classified by domain (e.g., journalism, chemicals, paramedical, HR, etc.)
    • the detailed programmes of vocational qualifications (BTS) and the venues
    • the IEPs
    • directories of engineering schools by level and the documentation of the schools in the region
    • the directory of business schools and the documentation published by the schools
    • Specialised publication by profession, the ONISEP guides, etc. (for more details, refer to the loans of publications section).

Public sector entry exams (central government, local government and the health service) 



The SUIO has subscriptions to various publications in the fields of counselling and the local and national press that you can consult on the spot. Click here to view the list of our subscriptions.

When you produce your student's card, you can also borrow up to two publications for 1 week, subject to availability. For more information, go to Loans of publications.

Our department also has around 10 computers on which you will find:

  • the ONISEP job data sheets
  • the CIDJ data sheets, which contain useful information on      training courses, professions and university life
  • the ONISEP training atlas

You can also freely access the universities and schools web sites without prior reservation. There is no word processing software on these PCs (web access only).