Université d'Orléans

Personal and professional projects

The PPP is a compulsory unit in the first or second year of a Licence that provides students with an environment conducive to the preparation of a personal and professional project. This experimental exercise is conducted in small groups supervised by an instructor. The instructor (a lecturer or a Doctorate student) chairs the group for six 2-hour sessions. The students are required to work alone and in a team.

Give meaning to your studies, explore the possibilities and become aware of the world of work

What is the point of this instruction unit? Since the European LMD system was introduced for higher education, students are more responsible than ever for choosing their own course of study. It is important that first-year students to draw up a personal and professional plan that will allow them to find their place and to give meaning to their studies. Moreover, as our environment becomes more complex and unsure, technological, economic and social changes are speeding up. Looking to the future has become a difficult exercise. We have to learn how to adjust our goals according to the unforeseeable events that occur in the course of our studies and in our professional careers later on.

Supporting students to help them to adopt these new strategies is one of the University's missions.