Université d'Orléans

Working in the laboratory

Our laboratory offers Masters Year One and Year Two to accomplish experimentations with the latest cutting-edge instruments.


Masters Sports Prevention Health Well-being

The aim of the specialism "Sports Prevention Health Well-Being" is to provide students with scientific technological and professional competences as part of their strategic and operational functions within the area of Sport, Prevention of ill health and physical re-conditioning.

This specialism provides the acquisition of knowledge in three principal areas :

  • Physical science applicable to human movement.
  • Ergonomics and the principles of physical exercise,
  • The concept of personal services.


Combined tuition provided in the laboratory

  • UE 9 Biological analysis, histology and biochemistry of the muscular system, joints and bones.
  • UE 15 Tools for diagnosis and measurement.
  • UE 16 Signal processing.
  • UE 17 Physical exercise and re-education.
  • UE 18 Osteo-articular and.
  • UE 24 Muscular function : biological and bio-mechanic adaptation following aging, recuperation and re-athleticisation.
  • UE 26 Physical activity, health and re-education.


Putting in place a Masters Image Engineering

The MASTERS has a vocation for both research and the professional world. The Masters has a natural progression to a career in research following a PhD. The research orientation of the student will be informed by the choice of project and outplacements.

The MASTERS also aims to create specialists engineers in image processing (but not necessarily in the area of medical imaging) who want to participate in the creation and development special software (image capture) o not (retouching image, general public). 

The aim of the MASTERS is also to reinforce the competences in medical imagery for doctors, medical students and interns who specialise in imagery (radiology, neuro-radiologie, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine).



The project EDIFICE was put in place by the University of Orleans. This involves an exchange of teaching in exact science capable of giving added value for both high school and PhD students. The aim of the project is for PhD students to pass on thorough understanding of their studies and to make the scientific subject more attractive. 

Our laboratory I3MTO is incorporated into the process. 12 high school students went twice during the month on Monday afternoons during the first semester of 2014 for some tuition with the PhD students. This tuition provided the hope that the high school students would orientate their studies to a scintific area perhaps even the preparation of science thesis. 



The laboratory I3MTO welcomes 2 to 4 outplacements students of Masters each year.

There are actually two outplacements in progress :

  • an outplacement dedicated to the vascularisation and innervation of subchondral bone in an arthrosic context,
  • another is dedicated to the cellular and molecular characterization of experimental models of pathological osteo-articulars.


The laboratory I3MTO welcomes outplacement students in Bachelors or HND.

  • There is actually one outplacement in progress for an HND Biotechnologies BTEC2 about a molecule differentiation of chondrocyte.