Université d'Orléans

Observatoire de la Vie Etudiante - OVE

Observatory of Student Life - OVE


 The purpose of this site is to centralise statistical data on students and courses of training. 

The OVE's actions are part of the governance policy of the CEVU (the vice-presidents in charge of training, the successful professional integration of the students and their living and studying conditions).

Contact: poleavenir.ove@univ-orleans.fr


The information on this site covers :

  •  the courses of training, the headcount and the characteristics of the students at Orléans University
  •  the courses and success rates in exams
  •  future careers and professional integration
  •  living and studying conditions


The information is sourced :

  • by processing the data from the APOGEE student management software that is used to keep track of headcount, profiles, courses, options and success rates.
  • from surveys in which data is collected on living and studying conditions, career paths and professional integration and assessments of the training courses and studying conditions.