Université d'Orléans

Activities and missions

 The activities and missions of the structure:

Four main missions:
-    to observe the appeal of the training courses and the headcount
-    to observe the success rate of the students and their professional integration
-    to observe the students' living conditions in Orléans
-    to assess the training courses

To do this, the OVE :
-    either extracts and analyses the data entered in Apogée when the students register

  • monthly statistics on the university's headcount
  • statistics on results (admission to Licence year 2, exam passes, etc.)
  • an annual scorecard of the student population
  • various requests from governance

-    or by conducting surveys amongst the students (on paper or on line)

  • assessment of the courses of training and actions in the plan to pass the Licence
  • monitoring of national professional integration (professional Licence and Master)
  • students who register for the first year of a Licence, but do not register for the second yearvarious surveys of student life (the disabled, computer equipment for the students in the Ordi-Centre, etc.)