The 1000 Faces of the Engineer

From design to production, industry to construction, the engineer's profession offers an incredibly wide range of jobs.

Les 1000 visages de l'ingénieurInventing and building tomorrow's world, this is the thrilling engineer's mission. In France, they are 655,000 men and women with such a profession. A rather unknown one probably because of its many different faces: it is improper to say that there is an engineering profession, there are several ones! The functions performed by engineers and the business sectors they can work in are quite varied.

The engineers' role is first and foremost to solve concrete and often complex technical problems that are posed to them. In order to do so, they have strong skills acquired during their training and a know-how resulting from their experience. Engineers must also take economic, time and quality constraints into account. They also have to call on human qualities: engineers work more and more often with a team which requires strong communication and leading skills. Curious and open, they know how to remain humble: they learn every single day with each new challenge.

Engineers take action in many different fields. Industry takes in –directly or indirectly – half of the engineers in sectors such as transportation, aerospace, energy, food-processing, chemistry, metalworking and pharmaceutical industries... IT departments and telecommunications are also in need of engineers as well as the construction industry. For many years, the banking and finance sector has also become a leading recruiter.

An engineer can perform a great deal of functions in the framework of the company, from research to production, logistics to commercialisation. With such a combination of jobs and business sectors, there is a myriad of possibilities: research engineer, quality engineer, commercial engineer, purchasing engineer, aerospace engineer, gas, sustainable energies...

There is one distinctive feature: in the course of their career engineers will change jobs several times. Their training allow them to go easily from one business sector to another (from aeronautics to automobile for example), from one function to another (from a designing function such as research engineer to a production job such as factory manager), leading teams each time bigger. Like this, many engineers tailor their career path according to their wishes and sometimes even combine work with passion.