5 false ideas

1. You must be an ace in mathematics and physics to become an engineer

Of course, you need strong scientific knowledge to become an engineer. But there is no need to be an ace. Engineers study for five years before graduating and the two first years are dedicated to acquiring the scientific knowledge relevant to future engineers. Additionally, other qualities are required: knowing how to express oneself, to speak at least one foreign language... Science grades are not all.

2. Engineers must undertake an intensive foundation course

There are many ways leading to an engineering diploma. Today, almost one in two engineers hasn't undertaken an intensive foundation course. Many engineering schools, like Polytech, offer to join directly after the Baccalaureate. In this case, there is a two-year initial training course before a three-year engineering training. The engineering training is also opened to students from scientific Bachelor's Degree (first two years), Master's Degree (first year), Technical University Diplomas or HND.

3. Engineering studies are expensive

All schools from Polytech's network are public such has three quarters of French engineering schools. Tuitions fees are the same as for university. It is also possible to be granted a scholarship based on social or other criteria. 30% of engineers under the age of 30 were scholarship holders.

4. Engineer is not a girls' job

When there are an average 17% of female engineers, today they represent 26% of engineers under 30. The situation is quickly evolving, good! There are more often employed in services industries, food processing and paraagricultural sectors than men but they also have access to industry and building.

5. Engineers are solitary workers

On the contrary, an engineer needs to have good interpersonal skills. In computing science for example, software engineers are in regular contact with project managers, clients, suppliers, their development team... In building industry, engineers may have to coordinate a construction site involving many external companies whereas they will have to manage a team in a production workshop.