Apprenticeship Training

Institute for Industrial Engineering Techniques

Training is free and compensated. This course is provided by Polytech Orléans engineering school and allows getting an engineering degree. It is carried out in partnership with the ITII Centre.

Graduates are thus acknowledged by two national engineering school networks: the network of Polytech schools and the network of ITII schools.

 Status of Engineering Trainee

  • 3-year apprenticeship contract with increasing pay along the years
  • 1.800h of academic training (70 weeks)
  • 3.000h of professional training (86 weeks)


Terms of Admission

  • Holding a higher-education degree (A-Levels or high school diploma + 2 years): Technology Degree, HND, intensive foundation degree, Bachelor’s (second-year), etc.
  • Being under 26
  • Selection based on application and interview
  • Signing of an apprenticeship contract with a company

Polytech Orléans Block-Release Engineering Training

Polytech Orléans offers two apprenticeship training specialisations in partnership with the ITII Centre:

  1. Production Management
  2. Construction Engineering