Apprenticeships and Jobs


If you wish to apply (engineering job, PhD candidate, International Volunteering in Companies...). You are a professional and you wish to offer an apprenticeship to our engineering students:

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Future engineers from Polytech Orléans are prepared to join the business world, especially through professional experiences, in the form of internships, which represent about a half of the curriculum.

During the initial curriculum, the engineering students has to carry out a summer project (internship, job, participation to an association or a personal project) for a minimal 4-week duration at the end of the 1st year,

At the end of the 3rd year (1st year of the engineering curriculum): a professional experience (working internship or job) for a minimal 4-week duration (period: July – August) which goal is the discovery of an industrial establishment and a typical environment where an engineer performs.

At the end of the 4th year (2nd year of the engineering curriculum): an assistant-engineer apprenticeship, for a minimal 8-week duration (period: June – July – August) during which the engineer student carries out the work of assistant engineer in an industrial establishment, a research centre, a research unit...

At the end of the 5th year (last year): engineer apprenticeship, for a minimal 17-week and maximal 6-month duration (period: from March 15th to the end of September and to the end of November for the students who spent a university period abroad or a dual subject course with the IAE).

Tutoring for Apprenticeship Search

If the school encourages personal apprenticeship search as a learning process for the job search, the department in charge of the Company relations guides engineering students from Polytech who experience difficulties in finding an apprenticeship. The school owes a database listing its industrial and research partners, in total more than 4.500 companies and laboratories, in France and abroad; students who wish so can be granted access to this database.


Especially to transmit an apprenticeship offer to be forwarded to students:

Management of Company Relations