Becoming an Engineering Graduate from Polytech Orléans

Polytech Orléans trains future engineers in the 7 specialisations quoted below.

Development in innovation and entrepreneurial capacity is supported by the school’s Humanities Department. A quarter of the teaching staff is dedicated to languages and human, economic and social sciences.

Throughout their training, engineering students carry out projects and work placements in partner companies.

Engineering training (student status)

  1. Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment (syllabus)
  2. Electronic and Optical Eco-Technologies (syllabus)
  3. Energy, Aerospace and Motorisation Technologies (syllabus)
  4. Innovations in Conception and Materials (syllabus)
  5. Industrial Engineering, applied to Cosmetology, Pharmacy and Food-Processing (syllabus)

Block-Release Engineering Training, in partnership with the ITII Centre

  1. Production Management (syllabus)
  2. Construction Engineering (syllabus)


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