Business partnerships

Be an actor of the trainings by becoming a partner of the school

The service for industrial relations is the interface between the school and the company. It makes all the skills of the school available to answer your needs. Several solutions exist and we can review together personalised answers for your projects:

  • Making engineering students – supervised by lecturers and researchers – carry out industrial projects in the framework of the school,
  • Welcoming engineering students (worker, assistant engineer, engineer) in your establishments for a work placement,
  • Calling on the association Polytech Expertise to carry out industrial research and development,
  • Hiring engineering apprentice (apprenticeship or training scheme)



  • Use the technological devices available at the school for your own needs
  • Establish research collaborations with the laboratories associated to the school
  • Access to our short trainings specialised in the field of Captors and geosciences or in setting-up innovative companies (Specialised Masters® authorized by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles CGE, French for Conference of prestige university-level college).

You can also:

  • Give conferences or oral presentations
  • Make a financial contribution to the school by paying the vocational education tax

Polytech Orléans welcomes companies in a specific location (on the ground floor of the Galilée building) conceived to answer industrial or service issues.