Civil engineering

Specialization in Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment

Purposes of the Training

The specialization in Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment trains engineering students in interconnected fields of civil engineering, construction and environmental engineering paying special attention to:

  • transportation infrastructures (design, study and implementation);
  • environmental problems regarding water, soils and waste;
  • geo-techniques, geology and geo-materials resources;
  • building structure sizing, material physics and their environmental impacts.


Main Business Segments and Job Openings

Training in civil engineering and geo-environment leads to 3 business segments in large companies and design offices:

  • public works, road infrastructures (Colas, Egis, Eiffage, Eurovia, Screg, Ingerop, Scétauroute, Arcadis) with the specialization in “Public Works and Planning”;
  • environment, natural resources: water, soils and depollution (Burgeap, CEBTP, Ginger, Suez environnement, Véolia, Saur) with the specialization in “Geo-environment”;
  • design, implementation, building renovation and tomorrow’s housing (Baudin Châteauneuf, Eiffage construction, Vinci construction) with the specialization in “Sustainable Building”;
Industrial Partners

RFF, Colas, Eurovia, Lyonnaise des eaux, Baudin-Châteauneuf, FFB, Ginger, etc.

Research Partnerships

This training benefits from a highly rich scientific environment:

Close relationships exist, by way of theses or projects, with private research centres such as Eurovia and Colas or public ones such as the IRSTTEA.


Civil engineering; construction; geology; environment; road infrastructures; building; building thermal performance; town planning; geo-techniques; hydrogeology; water treatment; sanitation; quarries; geo-materials; soils; waste; risks.