Electrical engineering

Specialization in Electronic and Optic Eco-Technologies

Purposes of the Training

This specialization aims at training engineers who contribute to developing innovative technologies in accordance with the environment.

Engineers with this specialization are actors in emerging technologies within the following fields of expertise:

  • Energy Value Development: optimizing production, management and consumption of system energy and implementing new ecological and pollution control processes;
  • Smart Housing: improving building management while ensuring users’ comfort and autonomy, designing smart systems in more environmentally-friendly housing;
  • Nomadic Systems: developing autonomous and low-energy systems and making interdependent systems communicative.

Business Segments and Job Openings

Business Segments: aeronautics, arms industry, automobile sector, telecoms, biomedical, multimedia, banking, environment, industrial and embedded computing, microelectronics, lighting.

Jobs: R&D engineer, project engineer, consulting engineer, technical sales engineer, researcher.


Eco-conception; lightning; lasers; nanotechnologies; plasmas; optical systems; embedded web applications; industrial computing; industrial vision; medical imaging; processing of information.


Industrial Partners

Alcatel, Atos, Ausy, CEA, Cilas, Citéos, EADS, General Electric, Hutchinson, IBM, Microsoft, Philips, Quantel, Renault, Saint Gobin, Schlumberger, ST Microelectronics, Texas instruments, Thalès, Thomson, Valéo, Vinci Energie, etc.

Research Partnerships

This specialization is taught in direct relationship with two laboratories located on the school premises: PRISME and GREMI laboratories. Proximity between teaching and research encourages engineering students to master high-level skills. They learn how the most recent theoretical developments bring solutions to concrete industrial problems. Engineering students thus benefit from a very rich scientific and industrial environment which fosters occupational integration in high-end fields.


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