Industrial Engineering applied to Cosmetology, Pharmacy and Food-Processing

Specialization in Industrial Engineering applied to Cosmetology, Pharmacy and Food-Processing

Purposes of the Training

Localized in Chartres, the specialization in “Industrial Engineering” applied to cosmetology, pharmacy and food-processing from Polytech Orléans trains engineers able to face manufacturing and industrialization challenges for tomorrow’s products in strategic and innovative sectors: cosmetology, pharmacy and food processing.

These branches of industry are looking for competitive engineers trained in constraints, stakes and specificities in products they manufacture in order to bring progress to the company. These engineers have to master all functions which contribute to industrial production in the targeted core businesses. For further information

New and original, the specialization in “Industrial Engineering” applied to cosmetology, pharmacy and food-processing allows acquiring skills in industrial engineering which are necessary to optimal production management while mastering constraints, stakes and specificities in food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. For further information


Main Business Segments and Job Openings

Environmental compliance, health requirements, product innovation and perfection, new manufacturing technologies, etc.: production issues in pharmaceuticalcosmetic and food-processing industries are increasingly more coinciding.

All types of companies are concerned by issues in Industrial Engineering, from multinationals to subcontracting Small and Medium Businesses with big, medium or very small-scale production.

 In food-processing fields: only innovative optimized fields of production with a low environmental impact will allow facing supply challenges and meeting future needs... For further information

In pharmaceutical fields: managing quick and correct production of a great variety of products on the first attempt with unfailing traceability while incorporating new techniques and societal stakes regarding patient health responsibility... For further information

In cosmetic fields: in order to remain competitive and create customer loyalty in a very competitive market, this industry never stops innovating and keeps researching new active principles, new formulas but also galenical formulas and inventive packaging which are ambassadors to the brand’s image... For further information

International Vocation

Globalization and international development – particularly in emerging countries – are very powerful stakes for all three sectors from the specialization in “Industrial Engineering” applied to cosmetology, pharmacy and food-processing. Trained engineers have to be operational in an international teamwork environment. Hence the strong international vocation of the specialization:

  • It welcomes French and foreign students to compose multi-ethnic classes;
  • Small group language teaching will be offered as well as customized tutoring;
  • All students spend a full semester abroad when carrying out a 4th year practical training.

Industrial Partners

For students to face field requirements, to be trained in real management situations and thus be operational, the specialization includes two plans allowing them to prove they have real

professional experience:

Innovation is at the heart of future stakes for food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Emphasis is put on innovation with dedicated educational units taught by industrial professionals:

business creation Serious Game also allows engineering students to create their own company through a viable project.

Research Partnerships

This training benefits from a highly rich scientific environment within the University of Orléans:


Industrial engineering; cosmetology; pharmacy; food-processing.

Additional Training

This specialization offers additional trainings which can be carried out concurrently with the last year of engineering studies and grant access to a dual degree:

  • Masters in Industrial Benchmarking Management;
  • BASICS of Supply Chain Management.
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