Mundus Maroc



Polytech Mundus – Morocco Program


One-year pre-engineering training in Oujda, Morocco

Two-year engineering training in Orléans, France

Polytech Orléans engineering school offers Moroccan students a year pre-engineering training. Training takes place in Oujda in partnership with the University Mohammed 1er. After one-year pre-training, successful engineering students will carry on their engineering training at Polytech Orléans, in France, and will get a two-year French engineering degree from Polytech Orléans authorized by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs (engineering accreditation institution) .


Successfully completing the program automatically grants access to specialisation training at Polytech Orléans, France.

French specialisation choice depends on the project and internship completed during pre-training.




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1ère colonne

Master’s Degree

4-year higher education diploma

Bachelor’s Degree

2-year higher education diploma

1-year higher education diploma

2ème colonne

Engineering course

3ème colonne

3rd year

2nd year

1st year

Technology degree (DUT), 2nd year of higher education, preparatory classes, other training courses in Morocco

4ème colonne

(seul changement) University of Oudja, Morocco


  • Co-educational training opened to both women and men
  • 32 positions available in 2016
  • 800 training hours provided conjointly by Polytech Orléans and the ESTO
  • End-of-year project completed in the field chosen as an engineering specialization for the continuation of the program in France
  • Training duration: 10 months, from September 2016 to July 2017
  • Cost of the training: 72 000 Dh


Admission Requirements

  • Hold a two-year Higher Education scientific diploma or complete corresponding training
  • Download the file and return it duly completed before July, 8th 2016
  • Competitive exam (written maths / physics / English tests) on July, 18th 2016


Continuation of the Program in France

When completing the pre-training year, engineering students who would have met requirements will be automatically granted access to carry on their engineering training in one of Polytech Orléans specialisation, in France, provided agreement from Campus France and visa procurement.

  • Yearly cost of French training: tuition fees €615 + €60 specific rights + €215 student social security (rate for 2015).

Polytech Orléans  offers engineering students some guidance to settle (accommodation, welcome, etc.)



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  • Download: Polytech Orléans Engineering School Mundus –Morocco presentation brochure
  • Download: Polytech Orléans engineering training presentation brochure
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  • For further information: about recruitment
  • Dean of the academic unit :
  • Orléans : Mohammed MALKI, Phone : +33 (0)2 38 41 70 52
  • Oujda : Phone : +212 5365 00224
  • Localisation : contact page