Orléans campus

The wooded campus of Orléans, about a hundred acres wide, is located at 100km from Paris, in the capital of the Région Centre, at the heart of the Val de Loire listed in the UNESCO's Natural Heritage and also famous for its castles.

Photo aérienne du campus d'Orléans

All campus equipments and facilities are available to Polytech Orléans engineering students.

Digital tools

From the first year in engineering training (third year at school), the Région Centre offers engineering students a laptop (Ordicentre operation). WiFi access is free on all campus and available in every part of the school. Engineering students are then able to access their Environnement Numérique de Travail (ENT, French for Digital Work Environment) as well as their pedagogical platform Célène which hosts all online classes.

Academic Library

The campus library resources are made of three sections: Law, Economics and Management; Humanities; Sciences, Technologies and STAPS (Sciences and Techniques in Sports and Physical Activities). It includes 370,000 titles, more than 500,000 books, 1,600 periodicals, 58 digital databases and around 5,500 digital periodicals. For further information...

Restos « U » / Cafeterias

3 cafeterias offer complete catering services on campus:

and in the city-centre

Many others cafeterias and fast foods are also available to engineering students from Polytech Orléans. For further information...

Le Bouillon

Le Bouillon is the cultural Centre of Orléans campus. It houses an auditorium and a concert hall, each with 160 sits, with a programming covering many different artistic fields as well as events planned by student unions. In the hall, the café'bulle offers original and refreshing catering.

Radio Campus

Radio Campus Orléans is the associative radio channel of Orléans campus (88.3 FM). Created in 1993, it is managed by a hundred of volunteers. Radio Campus on the web, offers live and differed listening as well as the possibility to podcast all thematic programs in MP3 the day after they have been broadcasted.


Le SUMPPS (Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé, French for University Department for Preventive Treatment and Health Promotion) is a structure which aims at preventing and curing and which offers different services: nursing, vaccination, students reception, social workers, family planning, interview with a psychologist. All consultations are free.

Sports and Elite Athletes

Sports on Orléans campus is organised and managed by the Département des Activités Physiques et d'Expression(DAPSE; French for Physical and Expression Activities Department). The DAPSE services are available to engineering students. This way, they can do physical activities and sports in a pleasant environment to ensure they have a good balance between work, health and personal development. Sports activities are numerous and varied.