Polytech expertise

Polytech'Expertise is an association based on the model "Business Incubator Junior" built against Polytech Orléans.


Cooperating with companies on a project which will be carried out by paid engineering students.


Polytech Expertise uses Polytech Orléans' engineering students' knowledge and skills according to their major:

Mechanics, energetics, materials, mechatronics: Mechanic and mechatronic design – Expertise in fluid dynamics and thermal coupling – digital simulation and instrumentation – Advice in materials, structures and environments

Electronic and optical eco-technologies : Photonic (laser, optics, lighting) – Plasma Engineering – Autonomous architecture (industrial computer science, electronic design, signal treatment and onboard systems) – Computer science (image, object programming, web development, multimedia).

Civil engineering and geo-environment: Research on a geo-referenced information system – Characterization try-out on laboratory materials - Characterization try-out on site – Modelling and design of works (art works, roads, building...)

Production management: Continual improvement (Kaizen, 5S, 6σ, lean manufacturing) – Flow management – Meteorology – Process organisation and industrial logistics.

Construction intelligence : Decision support, captors, command – Building thermals – Norms


Companies in need of our skills get in touch with Polytech'Expertise to carry out technical, scientific, financial and other types or studies... The association answers companies' requests, from the preliminary review to the final report, complying with a set deadline. The different roles to reach the set goal are entrusted to engineering students who have been selected according to specific criteria (skills, motivations...).

Main actors of the association:

Administrators: engineering students managing the association and project follow-up (communication with clients, complying with deadlines...)

External actors: people called upon to carry out a part of the project for a fee. These people can be engineering students as well as teachers from the school.


Technical and scientific studies. Download the brochure.


  • Head of company relations: Adrien Thomas, mobile phone: 0033+6 49 52 72 75, email :adrien.thomas@polytech-expertise.fr
  • Chairman: Gwendal Marcon, mobile phone: 0033+6 73 30 37 17, email : polytech.expertise@gmail.com
  • Localisation : Site Vinci – Office P110, contact page
  • Website of the association: Polytech'Expertise