Polytech Orléans Alumni Association

Image de l'association ViaPolytech des ingénieurs diplômés de Polytech OrléansThe alumni association ViaPolytech gathers alumni from Polytech Orléans and its former schooling forms (ESEM and ESPEO).

Made up of dynamic members, it plans events bearing the mark of the association and taking place all along the year. Contacts with the school engineering students allow to make the association known to them and to become a member to contribute to its working.

Up to this day, the following events are among the most recent and noticeable:

  • Activities introduction day by the alumni (plenary sessions and in-depth individual ones) on October, 5th 2012: 20 attending alumni plus the association board
  • Association board attendance on graduation day on January ,19th 2013 in order to promote the association's actions: recruitment operation, intervention on stage to motivate graduates
  • Update of the association website to make it more appealing and offer information useful to graduates as much as to potential employers
  • Writing and distribution of the magazine VIAPMAG which combines information related to the school life, alumni stories, scientific and technical articles written by the school's alumni or lecturers and researchers
  • Update of Polytech Orléans' graduates directory

Access the Association Website

If you click on the image below, you leave Polytech Orléans' website and access the website managed by the Association ViaPolytech of engineering graduates from Polytech Orléans:

Logo de l'association ViaPolytech des ingénieurs diplômés de Polytech Orléans


Antoine Robert, President of the association ViaPolytech

Julie Vaillant, secretary

Phone: 02 38 49 26 80

Email: contact@viapolytech.org

Localisation: contact page