The Polytech Orléans engineering faculty

Polytech Orléans is part of the national Polytech network of university engineering schools. Being a member of this exclusive group means that Polytech'Orléans offers a superior program with a wide range of majors in cutting-edge fields of engineering, only one hour south of Paris, on a wooded campus.

Strong industrial competitiveness and local synergies between industry, research and training have led to the creation of a competitiveness hub in "Electrical Energy Science and Systems" and another one about sensors. Cosmetic Valley is very close to Orléans with famous companies in these fields.


The multidisciplinary program proposed by Polytech'Orleans provides its graduates with the varied skills and expertise necessary to become tomorrow's innovative leaders. Our curricula have the EURACE label.

... with high-tech facilities and state-of-the-art equipment ...

  • Two sites (Galilee and Vinci) with more than 150 000 sq. ft. of recent construction
  • Computer resources including 22 labs, internet and laser printers, with a wide choice of software (CAD, numerical computation, simulation, ...)
  • Amphitheatres, audiovisual studios and language labs
  • Equipment for basic and technological research available to students for particular courses and projects :
    • spectrum analyser
    • subsonic wind tunnels
    • automotive test benches
    • fiberoptic systems
    • laser labs
    • scanning electron microscopique
    • plasma reactor
    • odometers