Polytech's Industrials Networks

Resting on a research and recognized innovative environment and with the support of Polytech's network, Polytech Orléans has a true know-how in offering its aid to transfer to companies.

The mission of the Management of Company Relations is to organise and structure relations with companies who wish to take action in study and development programs, expertise and professionalizing actions, in partnership with Polytech Orléans.

This management plays a facilitation and coordination part in close collaboration with:

Two transfer centres: CRESITT Industrie and CETIM CERTEC

The laboratories and research teams associated to Polytech'Orléans

The head of the engineers' training specialities

The school is also a part of several national competitiveness poles:

Pole for smart electricity, in the service of energy management S2E2

Pole for Waters and Environments DREAM

Pole for rubber and polymer competitiveness Elastopole

Cosmetic Pole Cosmetic Valley