Promotions Sponsors

2013 - Marc Brugière


Photo Thierry Jacquin2012 - Thierry Jacquin

Thierry Jacquin, Director of Western Europe Operations for the Company Inteva Products LLC, reminded the class of 2012 that one principle of Japanese production is that "The manager's role is to define standard, to teach it, to ensure that it is applied and once it has been applied, to look for improvement." He also insisted on the need to "know how to listen, get workers involved, take responsibilities and decisions, pass them on, to enforce them without putting the blame on others in the event of failure and know how to share success in case of achievement."

Promotion Sponsor of 2012 – January, 19th 2012 – Zénith d'Orléans

Photo Karine Berger2011 - Karine Berger

Karine Berger is an engineer and economists co-author of the book Les Trente Glorieuses sont devant nous ("The Glorious Thirty are ahead of us"). In 2010 she appeared in the ranking of the magazine Capital untitled "young aces who prepare to take over". She defends the idea that everything is not set for France and that the country can get back on its economic and social trail of success: innovation and training are at the heart of the debate! She gave three pieces of advice to the 250 students of the class of 2011:

Be bold enough to think by yourself and be curious; don't ever get tired of asking questions in a world which makes human relationships difficult. Don't let others impose a prescribed way of thinking on you,

Don't be afraid of the rest of the world since it is full of novelties,

Show ambition and make excellence your goal, don't ever be "average".

Promotion Sponsor of 2011 – January, 21st 2011– Zénith d'Orléans

Photo Muriel Hermine2010 - Muriel Hermine

Muriel Hermine, synchronised swimming champion, has known how to pass on sports fundamental values that shaped her personality to the engineers of the class of 2010. She reminded them about her passion for people and expressed with conviction her messages which affect both the mind and emotions.

Promotion Sponsor of 2010 – February, 11th 2010 – Zénith d'Orléans

Photo Claudie Haigneré2009 - Claudie Haigneré

Claudie Haigneré, President of universcience, public establishment of the Palais de la Découverte (Science Museum) and the Centre for Sciences and Industry supported all Polytech Orléans engineers from the class of 2009 inviting them to "invent the future".

Promotion Sponsor of 2009 – February, 6th 2010 – Zénith d'Orléans

Photo Pierre Guyot2008 - Pierre Guyot

Pierre Guyot, Managing Director of John Deere factory in Saran encouraged – with a lot of humour – engineers who graduated in 2008 to throw themselves into an intense professional work life.

Promotion Sponsor of 2008 – November, 15th 2008 – Law, Economics, and Management Department, University of Orléans

Photo Jean-Marie Dutilleul2007 - Jean-Marie Duthilleul

Jean-Marie Duthilleul, architect and President of the AREP (subsidiary of the French railroad network), represented by M. Etienne Tricaud Deputy Managing Director, invited engineers who graduated in 2007 to invent and create freely and with pleasure in every corner of the world.

Promotion Sponsor of 2007 – November, 17th 2007 – Law, Economics, and Management Department, University of Orléans

Photo Jean Todt2006 - Jean Todt

Jean Todt, Managing Director of Ferrari S.p.A. congratulated engineers who graduated in 2006 and their families for all the progress made in a competitive world! A sponsor we wouldn't have hoped for!

Promotion Sponsor of 2006 – November, 18th 2006 – Law, Economics, and Management Department, University of Orléans

Photo Jacques Battistella2005 - Jacques Battistella

M. Jacques Battistella, CILAS CEO, encouraged graduating students to show initiative in their future career. What a gift!

Promotion Sponsor of 2005 – November, 19th 2005 – Law, Economics, and Management Department, University of Orléans

Photo Anne Lauvergeon2004 - Anne Lauvergeon

Anne Lauvergeon, President of AREVA's Board of Directors, honoured us in being the first sponsor for the polytechnic school of the University of Orléans.

Promotion Sponsor of 2004 – October, 8th 2004 - Zénith d'Orléans