The Sports Office – BDS

You are of activities and action? You are fed up with standing rooted in front of your computer? The Sports Office (BDS) is what you need!

Engineering Student from the new generation – smart and physical – you're certainly a sportsman/woman at heart! You will be able to fulfil yourself between two BDE parties ;) letting off steam in the sports and playful activities offered by the different associations of the Sports Office (BDS).

The Sports Office (BDS) handles a dozen of team and mechanical sports; you will surely find an activity to your taste and meet people who share the same passions as yours!!!

Bureau des sports de l'école d'ingénieurs Polytech Orléans

Join us in the different gymnasiums and places who are dedicated to you!

Don't doubt in contacting the different presidents and people in charge of sports! They'll be delighted to welcome you!

Sportingly yours and looking forward to seeing you!

Your Sports Office (BDS)

The Sports Office Association