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Bureau des élèves de l'école d'ingénieurs Polytech OrléansAll year long, the BDE (Bureau des Élèves, French for Student Office) of Polytech Orléans offers events, trips, trainings and other meetings through its network.

First of all, the beginning of the new school year starts with two weeks orientation on the school premises. They are punctuated by a crazy week end quite properly called the WEC (Week-End de Cohésion, French for Team Building Week End). Until the end of the school year, weekends and trips are planned as well as the after works in the usual places.

Bureau des élèves de l'école d'ingénieurs Polytech OrléansWith Christmas approaching, you will get a chance to get a photo with Santa who will attend Christmas party. The Grand Gala takes place at the end of the first semester, with the previous year students' commencement exercises followed by quite an unforgettable evening. Not long after, the campaign for the power handover of the student office, true time of change. It allows ensuring the replacement of the BDE and gives the responsible an occasion to plan the first events. Then, it is almost time for Polytech's network events such as the TPN (Trophée Polytech Neige, French for Polytech Snow Trophy) or the TIP (Trophée Inter Polytech, French for Inter-Polytech Trophy) and our favourite Orléans' tournament: the Tigresses Tournament. The end of the school year is marked by the Polyos, the first party of the new Student Office, in order to thank all those who took part in the course of the previous year.

Bureau des élèves de l'école d'ingénieurs Polytech OrléansThe Student Office is also made of the school's associations. More than 40, this is quite rare. They are introduced during the Club Fair which takes place at the beginning of the year. So, whatever your passion(s), you are sure to find an association which is made for you! If you wish to get involved and know more about one specific association, we advise you to attend the WEF (Week-End de Formation, French for Training Weekend) planned by the BREI (Bureau Régional des Élèves-Ingénieurs, French for Regional Office for Engineering Students). The BDE are united in BREI (Regional Office for Engineering Students) on a regional scale and in BNEI (Bureau National des Élèves-Ingénieurs, French for National Office for Engineering Students) on a national scale. The Sports Office (BDS), Arts Office (BDA) and Student Office (BDE) are open for any further information.

Bureau des élèves de l'école d'ingénieurs Polytech OrléansThe Student Office does not lose touch with its alumni thanks to the association Viapolytech and the different events which they will plan. The school also has to care for its image in France and the Student Office, its associations and students are its representative.


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Bureau des élèves de l'école d'ingénieurs Polytech OrléansIf you click on the image below, you leave Polytech Orléans' website and access the website managed by the Student Office from Polytech Orléans :

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