Testimonials from Polytech Orléans'Alumni

Photo Caroline Deniau ChancluCaroline Deniaud (Chanclu), (1996 - 1998): "After my last year's project and my engineering practical training at the American Company Masterfoods – which performs laser trimming on its food packaging – I joined their R&D team as a project manager. My technical, organisational and social skills allowed me to spend 7 years with the team in charge of "soft packaging technological development". Far from my initial training, this experience was very educational - it ended because of a redundancy scheme. I then had the opportunity to take the helm of a small team developing optical connectors for severe environments (trains, planes, industry, geophysics...) for the company Souriau. After spending three years watching the department's growth, bringing it order and method, there was an internal opportunity: and so I was head of the "development quality" department mainly in charge with monitoring the project development and product qualification (optical but mainly electrical). I think that my engineering training allowed me to acquire a work method, technical skills, working proficiency in English (which often proves useful) and adaptation skills which were the key to success in my career path. The different jobs I had developed my managing skills and I am now really far from my core business. What's next...?"

 Photo David Le BerDavid Le Ber (1996 – 2000): "Nowadays electronics is everywhere, from a simple coffee-maker to lighting through cars. At the end of my last year, I chose to specialize in electronic subcontracting. I was then able to work in different fields such a medical for TAEMA, automobile with RENAULT, home help with the Centre Region and the CRESITT. Today, I'm working for MAQUET S.A. as a system project manager, that is to say that I handle all electronics in surgical lights or systems manufactured by the company."



Photo Christelle Damiens-DupontChristelle Damiens-Dupont (1996 - 2000): "I entered Polytech Orléans after an HND in Optics. In the course of my training in Laser-Plasma I had the opportunity to go to the United States for one year and study at Rhode Island College which was really educative at every level. I then had the chance to do my final work placement – which was followed by a Degree in Technologic Research (DRT) – at the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA – Cesta ; French for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission) in Bordeaux. It allowed me to work on big scale projects such as the LMJ project (Laser Mégajoule Project). I was then hired as a research engineer to work on the design of laser diagnoses necessary to the characterization of very specific laser pulses that are LMJ pulses (several kilojoules in a few nanoseconds). Today, I'm still working on the design of new diagnoses but now for the PETAL project (Pétawatt Aquitaine Laser) which mobilizes very powerful and ultra short laser pulses (several Petawatt in a few hundreds of femtoseconds). Being able to work on such installations is really inspiring.


Photo Franck DarnonFranck Darnon (1992-1996): "After graduating, I went on studying with a thesis in plasma propulsion for satellites which I carried out in the industrial company SNECMA. My initial training as well as this first work experience allowed me to get into the CNES (National Centre for Space Studies) where I was in charge of monitoring contracts in research and development in the field of satellite propulsion. I was then in charge of different equipments put up aboard satellites. I'm currently working in satellites programming and guidance. This last function is far from my initial training in plasma processing but it proves that with good basics such as the ones I was given in Orléans, any career path is possible."



Photo Christian FerouelleChristian Ferouelle, (2002 - 2006): "I wished to focus my first work experience on lighting. That is why I went to work for Citéos (Vinci Group) as a lighting engineer. After almost two years there, I had the opportunity to go and work for le LiDAC (Lighting Design and Application Center) at PHILIPS LIGHTING. The position I currently hold allows me to work at an international level in lighting design (architectural lighting), product development and marketing."




Photo Mathieu ThomachotMathieu Thomachot, (1999 – 2003): "During my penultimate year at Polytech, AcXys Technologies got in touch with me. It is a manufacturer which produces equipments to prepare surfaces through atmospheric plasma. The quality of my training has quickly been acknowledged by this new company which hired me right after I graduated. We have since hired three more people with similar training. I held different positions in this company, first in the R&D department and now as sales manager. The training I received granted me access to a position with responsibilities in a new company which is now internationally recognized.



Photo Mathieu SergentMathieu Sergent, (2002-2006): "Showing a major interest in lighting, I decided to specialize in EO. This speciality allowed me to acquire strong basics in lighting but also to have the opportunity to apply to apprenticeships in this field. After my final apprenticeship, I joined Philips lighting as a lighting engineer specialised in sports lighting. I currently hold a position which combines sports lighting system design, product development, training and marketing support."