Student life

Associative and extra-curricular activities are strongly advised by the Board of Education.

The city of Orléans – ranked in the top 20 top 20 of the cities in France where it's good to study – offers an exceptional setting for student life and extra-curricular activities.

The Bureau des Élèves (BDE, French for Student Office) coordinates the associative life through about forty associations and clubs which plan scientific, sports and art leisure or humanitarian activities: motorsports (participation to the French power boating championship, Shell eco-marathon, among others), scale modelling, different collective sports, music, dance, theatre, photo, Engineers Without Borders (EWB), junior company...

In September, the orientation week end allows new students to meet older ones and befriend them in a festive atmosphere. In the course of the academic year, meals and parties will make these student relationships stronger in an engineering school spirit.

The Association du Gala des Ingénieurs d'Orléans (AGIO, French for Association of the Gala for Orléans' Engineers) plans the annual gala which follows the graduation ceremony.

The Alumni Association (ViaPolytech) is present on social networks and yearly publishes a year book of the students who graduated from Polytech Orléans and its two founding schools (ESEM and ESPEO). ViaPolytech guides students in their apprenticeship and job search.

The association Prom'Polytech'O contributes to the school's promotion.