Women's Engineering

Tous les métiers sont mixtesCompanies belonging to the business sectors (electronics, aerospace, energy, mechatronics...) matching Polytech Orléans's trainings are looking for female engineers since diversity in teams makes the company more efficient.

It is not that simple right now since, if an average 25% of girls attend engineering schools, in these sectors, the percentage rather goes down to 10%.

The latest studies on this topic (Mutationnelles 2012) show that in these sectors men and women's starting salaries are equal.

Polytech Orléans then decided to humanly and materially support actions undertaken by "Ingénieure au Féminin" ("Being a Female engineer" which Region Centre branch has been managed by Anne-Marie Jolly, Director of Polytech Orléans, from 2008 to 2012).

It consists in intervening in secondary schools thanks to female engineering students and/or female apprentices and engineers who talk about their career path and motivation: accounts are a powerful weapon in the fight against stereotypes which are the main obstacle preventing girls from undertaking studies leading to enthralling well-paid jobs.