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Masters "Science of Life" speciality Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology pathway Management of Health Businesses, Cosmetics and Food Science.

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Heads :

Masters 1 :

William Même, Lecturer (co-responsable)

Tel : 02-38-25-55-58

Email : william.meme@cnrs-orleans.fr

Eline Nicolas, Lecturer (joint-head)

Tel : 02-38-49-47-34

E-mail : Eline.Nicolas@univ-orleans.fr

Secrétariat :

Véronique Bouilland

Tel : 02-38-41-70-99

Emaill : Veronique.Bouilland@univ-orleans.fr


Objectives :

The specialism MSC2A is for students who have already acquired a scientific education in the following areas : biotechnology, biology, physiology, genetics, biochemistry, chemistry and more generally in the area of life sciences.

The aim is to acquire complementary competences in management to ease the transition into the professional world and/or another career at a later date. it allows students to apply who have both the necessary expertise in a relevant scientific area together with knowledge of, and experience in, business management.

The first year of Masters provides general tuition within the specialism Molecular and Cellular Biology. The second year of Masters sees tuition enter the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management and the IAE (Institute for the Adminsitrations Businesses) at the University of Orleans.


At the end of the diploma, the student will be able to :

  • integrate at an executive level into a business in the food processing sector, health (pharmaceutical and biomedical industries)and cosmetics.
  • To drive a project or an activity globally, being the interface between the diverse functions at the heart of the business.
  • To communicate and use various support mechanisms, and in English,
  • To manage a team and put in place interpersonal competences.


Knowledge of the following and how to use in a business environment

  • Fundamental business management tools (compatible with finance, marketing and production).
  • The principals quality control and environmental controls
  • Innovation Project management
  • Documented research, regulatory awareness
  • Chairing meetings, controlling the daily agenda and recording actions
  • Market research and communication


Preparation for entry into an active life at the end of Master 2 (following which you can continue your studies).


Admission requirments :

Bachelors :

  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Cellular and Physiological Biology
  • Biology and chemistry of plants
  • Chemistry
  • Others Bachelors and relevant experience.


International Mobility :

Students who welcome the possibility of spending one or several semesters in a foreign university need to present their course work to the director of studies.

Students have an equal chance to secure an outplacement in overseas laboratories in Europe (Erasmus program) and beyond.

Job opportunities :

Sectors :

  • R&D and/or production in the technological industries lwith a link to biology, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biomedical, biotechnology, animal and plant production.
  • Advice bureaux (regulatory awareness, advice on project, or, organisation (put in place quality framework).
  • Management of large scale distribution.


Careers :

  • Management and industrial engineering quality, advice on quality control.
  • Assistant in client customers support, R&D, management and engineering HSE.
  • Sales force, technical and commercial liaison.
  • Management of the distribution department.
  • Management and adminsitration of products.


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Last update : 11/07/2014