Université d'Orléans

Licence Chimie


The Bachelors Chemistry comprises three study pathways (Student Guide). The course director is Dr. V. Bertagna.


Our pathways

Chemistry & Applications

Science and Physics



Secretariat of Chemistry :
Mr W. Nouristani
Tel-Fax : 02 38 41 70 43
Ms C. Viandier
Tel : 02 38 41 72 50

The main objective of the pathway Chemistry & Applications is to promote the acquisition of practical and theoretical knowledge of the essential disciplines of Chemistry. The degree provides equal understanding of the professional and business world thanks to classes and placement at the end of the course. These studies aim to prepare students for integration into a Masters or School of Engineering. All students are entitled to change their degree at the end of second year to the Professional Bachelors.

The pathway Science and Physics offer a double discipline in chemistry and physics in the proportions (50/50) over all of the degree with the aim to provide a solid preparation for CAPES and the Masters double discipline.

The pathway Pluridisciplinaire has the principal objective of preparation for the teaching profession, specifically for teaching in school.