Université d'Orléans

Master Chimie Moléculaire


The Chemistry Masters of Bioactive Molecules offers three specialisms:        InscriptionDossiersMasters

The (SQCA) Srtategy and Quality of Chemical Analysis, (CS) Conception and Synthesis and (BC) Bioactives and Cosmetics

The CMB Masters aims to train groups of chemists who have shown a high level of competence in organic synthesis and chemical analysis (there is a common syllabus during the 1st year) and have gained knowledge in one of these two specialisms: Chemistry of Synthesis or Chemical Analysis.

The students are able to elaborate on this subject in line with the quality norms, the best strategies for the following:

(i)   the concept or synthesis of new complex molecules (specialism CS)

(ii)  analysis in complex environments and the development of analysis methodologies (specialism SQCA)

(iii)  the acquisition and chemical and biological characterization of bioactives (specialism BC).



At the end of the Masters degree the recipients will have received a comprehensive training package in the techniques and methodology required for a rapid and successful transition into the professional world. They will be able to follow the planned changes in their profession without difficulty or be able to continue their studies with a PhD.

The specific objectives are to add value and reinforce the knowledge acquired in the field of chemistry. Such as:

-       Giving students good practical tools for computer science

-       Teaching English effectively, with tuition tailored to the individual student

-       Introducing students to the fundamental role of research in chemistry

-       Providing a solid general teaching culture including the basis of Economics, management and sociology of work.

The Masters degree in CHEMISTRY of Molecular Bioactives  allows students to acquire the training necessary for entry as an executive into the professional world including chemistry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food-processing, the environment, or where one’s speciality so permits; alternatively they can continue to a PhD.

Professions available:

R&D engineer, experts in analytical sciences, quality insurance, chemical industry including para-chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food-processing, as well as in research organisations and public institutions; Sales representative in the analytical chemistry industry.

After the PhD thesis: Researcher or research engineer in a public research organisation, Tutor in higher education, R&D manager.