Université d'Orléans

The Department of Science Languages at CST

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Director: Hervé Perreau  herve.perreau@univ-orleans.fr


Course tutors:

Murielle Pasquet: Licence 1  murielle.pasquet@univ-orleans.fr

Michèle Cimolino : Licence 2  michele.cimolino@univ-orleans.fr

Hervé Perreau : Licence 3 herve.perreau@univ-orleans.fr

Marie-Françoise Tassard : Masters in Computer Science and Chemistry. Marie-francoise.tassard@univ-orleans.fr

Lupka Mihajlovska : Masters in Biology, Mathematics and Physics. lupka.mihajlovska@univ-orleans.fr


Syllabus information can be found in the teaching booklet online.


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Audio-visual technician: Anthony Arondel  anthony.arondel@univ-orleans.fr

TICE Contact / web : Murielle Pasquet

Pratical Information

Find us: http://maps.google.fr/maps?q=47.846812,1.936913&hl=fr&num=1&t=h&z=18

Université d'Orléans, Collegium Sciences-STAPS
bâtiment EGS, rue de Chartres - BP 6759,
45067 Orléans cedex 2.

The offices are close to the coffee machines on the ground floor.


Speak to Anthony Arondel on the first floor.