Université d'Orléans

Bachelors in Mathematics

Licence Mathématiques


General Introduction

The Bachelors in Mathematics is for students with a scientific education who wish to further their knowledge of maths and computer science. The degree pathway allows students to explore different aspects of mathematics and associated applications.

Without neglecting the normal follow-on applications such as teaching and research, this degree also provides a basis for a career as a professional engineer. In this way it can open up opportunities in public and private industry where there is an ever increasing demand for Mathematics engineering. A particular effort is made to inform students of the many interesting career opportunities even when taking maths as part of a joint degree for example with economic sciences, computer science or physics.  The Bachelors in Mathematics or Mathematics as part of a joint degree provides a passport to progress to the Masters degree at Orleans.

The Bachelors in Mathematics provides five pathways:

  • MA : Mathematics and Applications
  • MI : Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • MP : Mathematics and Physics
  • MASE : Mathematics and Applications in Economic Science
  • PLURI : Multidisciplinary (from the 3rd year) 

Organisation overview

The three first semesters provide an important common course syllabus (180 hours distributed essentially between mathematics and computer science).  The first four pathways (MA,MI, MP, MASE) have the same degree of difficulty and common basis of knowledge in maths and computer science. As one proceeds with the course, each semester is completed with 100 hours of optional course work which informs the choice of specialism which each student needs to make. Please see the course layout for a description and further details of each pathway.

At the end of the Bachelors degree, students graduate with a double competence in Physics, Computer Science and Economic Science. All the pathways lead naturally to a Masters degree in Mathematics at Orleans but the pathway chosen can also open opportunities to study for other Masters degrees.

The first semester of the Bachelors in Mathematics is common to the Bachelors degree in Computer Science. At the end of the semester, students have to choose between Mathematics and Computer Science. The pathway Mathematics and Computer Science (MI) which is common to the two degrees allows students to follow the complete course in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Success plan for the Bachelors

A particular effort is made during the first semester to integrate students into the university system which helps reduce the failure rate in the 1st year. 

There are no classes in the lecture hall. The classes and the group sessions are taken by the same tutor, and with a maximum of 30 students. Exams are held regularly.  Oral exams are customized to the students (COPS : Contrôles Oraux PersonnaliséS). The principle is to put students in a group of three and to interrogate them for 45 minutes four times during the semester. We provide an opportunity for all students to meet regularly with a teacher to assess the quality and progress of their work. These meetings are sanctioned to be marked with the average mark counting towards the continuing assessment. Refresher courses take place at the beginning of the semester with support courses for students who have experienced difficulties in the 1st semester. These are designed by teachers in collaboration with the Masters degree students, and are well attended.