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Masters Mathematics

Master Mathématiques


Objective of the discipline :

The Masters Mathematics comprises a single specialism (Mathematics and Applications). There is a common course syllabus during the first year which provides students with a solid basis on which to choose one of five pathways for the next stage of their degree in Orleans as follows:

  • MA (Mathematics). Formerly called Analysis of Mathematics and Applications (AMA) this pathway provides access to research (thesis) or preparation for the highest teaching diploma in France.
  • SPA (Statistics and Applied Probability) aims to train mathematical statisticians. The teaching of Applied Mathematics is for those who wish to move to other disciplines such as economics and finance.
  • TSI (Signal and Image Processing). Formerly called ATI. It has the aim of training mathematics engineers to work in modelisation and other relevant disciplines such as automatic control engineering, electronic controls, image processing.
  • MEF (The Profession of Teacher Training): This pathway is in collaboration with ESPE.
  • MoCaHP (Modelisation and High Performance Calculus): This pathway is in common with Computer Science Masters. It has the aim of training research and design engineers and researchers in the specialism of modelisation and intensive scientific calculus. They are integrated into the multidisciplinary teams using the numeric tools.
  • International pathways : joint-diplomas with the University of Ferrara in Italy and the University of Hô-Chi-Minh City in Vietnam.

The pathways TSI and SPA are dominated by professionals rather than researchers. The pathway MoCaHP is also dominated by professionals but those with an orientation towards research. The pathway is common to the Masters in Computer Science in Orleans and it joins the dynamic project called CaSciModOT, certified as a regional cluster in 2010

The pathway MA is dominated by research. The many links and mutualisations permit students to consider eventual reorientation by leaving the MA specialism and moving towards the professional world, particularly teaching.

The pathway MME prepares students for the CAPES qualification but also for other professions of teaching in secondary education around mathematics.

The four pathways allow students to change their orientation easily to another pathway. In particular for the first semester, the research pathways MA and professional SPA and TSI present a strong mutualisation: this semester plays a big role in the semester orientation. All students can choose their own individual pathways.

The pathway MA has an international vocation.  Accords exist with overseas universities in particular the Masters « Mathematics and Applications »  at the University of Natural Sciences in Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville in Vietnam  and with the Masters "Laurea Magistrale di Matematica" at the l'University of Ferrara in Italy. 

Consult the timetable of courses for September 2013

Head of the Masters :

Didier Chauveau


Anne Liger (02 38 41 72 32)

Pathways Heads  :
  • TSI : Maitine Bergounioux
  • MA : Jean-Philippe Anker
  • MEEF : Sandrine Grellier
  • MoCaHP : Richard Emilion (MAPMO) and Jean-Michel Couvreur (LIFO)
  • SPA : Didier Chauveau
  • Masters joint diploma with the University of Ferrara : Simona Mancini
  • Masters joint diploma with the University of Hô-Chi-Minh City : Michel Zinsmeister