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Masters in Mathematics - pathway SPA

Statistics and Applied Probability

Mots Clefs SPA

The pathway SPA (Statistics and Applied Probability) aims to create applied mathematicians and specialists in random statistical models. The course provides tuition in applied mathematics and as such is particularly orientated towards other disciplines in economics, Econometrics and Finance. The tuition is centred on CST at Orleans University and is organised by the departement of Mathematics..

Competences :

Analysis of existing data (qualitative and quantitative analysis of large tables of data, methods and algorithms of data mining, learning and Big Data), random modelisation (knowledge of statistical models and associated statistical tools) numeric probability, (Monte-Carlo simulation methods, new statistical estimation algorithms, finance mathematics) operational research and discrete numeric optimisation.

Job opportunities :

Banks, insurance, financial, business logistics and industrial sectors which need optimisation, operational research, quality control or analysis of viability. All are very important in the business world. Openings are also possible in the economy, signal processing and numeric methodology of physics.

Head :

Didier Chauveau

Module content :
Business / Industrial outplacement

The Masters includes two outplacements. A short outplacement (2 to 4 months) in first year and a longer outplacement in the second year. The outplacement of the second semester (30 credits) lasts 4 to 6 months. It begins in April and is followed by a written report and an oral presentation (end of September at the latest). The outplacement must be a preparation for employment in business of engineering.

Openings in industry

There are several presentations from industry during the Masters which help students research outplacement opportunities and potential employees from the world of business. The businesses which have already taken outplacements or recruited former students from pathways SPI and ATI are shown bellow (list non exhaustive) :
Entreprises Partenaires

These businesses and organizations (above) have already taken outplacements or recruited former students. Many personnel from industry come to teach in the Masters, the list changing every year according to the experience and expertise of each lecturer. For example, business personnel took part from the following : Areva (Paris), EDF-RTE (Vélizy), Thalès (2 different people, Massy and Vélizy), IFP (2 different people Paris and Lyon), INRETS (Lyon), Ausy (Orléans), Servier (Orléans), Gehlenia (Orléans), Géo-Hyd (Orléans), Geo-Variances (Orléans), IBM (Orléans) IPROS (Orléans), CGG (Paris).

The prospects of employment for the graduates are excellent. Students of pathway SPA were quickly offered permanent contracts to a post equivalent to that of an engineer in the businesses listed below. Certain students however work towards a Doctorate in Applied Mathematics.


Former and current Masters students on LinkedIn :