Université d'Orléans

Masters Mathematics - pathway TSI

Masters MATHS Orleans - pathway Signal and Image Processing

The Masters of Mathematics in Orleans comprises one specialism (Applied Mathematics). It comprises a first year core curriculum which provides students with a solid base before allowing them to choose one of the five pathways which include TSI (Signal and Image Processing). The aim is to produce mathematical engineers skilled in modelisation relevant to automation, control optimisation and image processing. The course is dominated by professionals.

The aim of the professional pathway TSi is to create highly qualified engineers in mathematics, computer science, modelisation, automation, control theory, associated logistical tools and signal and image processing.

The industries interested in this course are many: aeronautics, vehicules, electrotechniques, robotics, internet and communication in general but also the medical sector, chemistry, process engineering… Job opportunities are also possible through CEA, INRIA, INRA and/or in partnership with the University (theses CIFRE for example).