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     Welcome to the Department of Physics 

The department of Physics and Science Engineering at CST has offered new disciplines since 2012-2013 as part of the competences in the faculty of Physics and Science Engineering (PSI) at the campus in Orleans.


Bachelors degrees of Physics

The bachelors degree in Physics and Science Engineering offers a general degree in Physics (majoring in Physics (P) or in Sciences and Engineering Technologies (STI)) with also a possibility (minor in Chemistry (PC), Electrical Engineering (IE) and Systems Mechanics (MIS)) for other disciplines and in other specialism of Physics. About 130 students follow tuition with several pathways. After their Bachelors degree, students can continue their studies with a Masters and a PhD.


Masters in Physics

    The three Physics Masters degrees available at the University of Orleans offer a specialism in the disciplines for which there is a strong local demand (notably in the research laboratories of CNRS), teaching in the secondary schools and/or in the industrial and business region nearby.
    Around 40 students are enrolled in our four Masters which comprise 5 specialisms designed for the professional and research world:


Master IM2PS

Mention Master Instrumentation, Métrologie, Management de la Performance des Systèmes (IM²PS)

Responsable de la Mention : Emerson D. BARBOSA (MdC, Université d'Orléans)



Masters MEEF

Masters MEEF : Masters degree for Teacher Training

This specialism is aimed at students training to become professional teachers and impart scientific and technology knowledge in a classroom setting. It responds to the needs and changes of the teachings methods, including CAPES (Certificat d’aptitude au professorat de l’enseignement du second degré).


MASTER de Physique Fondamentale et Applications (PFA)


Ce nouveau master est en cours d'habilitation et ouvrira en septembre 2018. La maquette décrite ci-dessous est donc susceptible de subir des retouches d’ici avril 2018.

Télécharger la plaquette (2 pages) : Master Physique Fondamentale et Applications