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Physics – College of Science and Technology - University of Orleans

Bachelors degree

The Bachelors in Physics  is a three year course which will provide students with skills, knowledge and know-how in the current major areas of Physics and Science Engineering. It provides general training in a large common area during the first two years (semesters 1-4), with a marked change in Year 3 through 3 pathways :

  • Physics (P)
  • Sciences and Techniques of the Engineer (STI)
  • Multidisciplinary (Multi)

However, from a common base, the students define themselves by selecting one of four options in the first and second years (L1 & L2) :

    • Physics (P)
    • Physics and Mathematics (PM)
    • Physics and Chemistry (PC)
    • Physics and Science Engineering (PSI)

These explain all aspects of physics, its fundamental, the rigour of its methods, its fundamental aspects and its contribution to the other disciplines (chemistry, medicine, mathematics…)  and the applications which shape the numerous technologies which surround us : energy, aerospace industry, electronics, materials, nanotechnology… ;  and the outlets which ensue from it: basic and applied research, production and training… This training allows students to master the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the physics and the engineering sciences.  The student will also acquire skills in experimental sciences, knowledge in the field of mathematics and digital tools. It is a question of divide the means to acquire real skills in order to analyze and solve scientific and technical problems - the key of innovation.