Université d'Orléans



     Welcome to the Department of Physics 

The department of Physics and Science Engineering at CST has offered new disciplines since 2012-2013 as part of the competences in the faculty of Physics and Science Engineering (PSI) at the campus in Orleans.

  • The Bachelors degree in PSI has been re-designed to fulfil the professional needs of both the students and the business/industrial sector. 
  • The Masters has evolved to allow many different specialisms as below: 

Around thirty lecturer-researchers in different areas of physics and associated applications undertake a supervisory role for students in these disciplines. In addition, many independent stakeholders (from industry, professional bodies, consultants and other experts) are engaged to ensure that the training remains relevant to the commercial and business world. Thanks to the diversity of the courses the department of Physics produces teachers, researchers and executives of tomorrow in the areas of physics and engineering science.