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This discipline is conceived to develop and pass on knowledge according to the following objectives:

-       put in place a scientific multi-disciplinary approach (sciences of life, sciences of society, sciences of man) as a function of these specialisms :

-       supervise and develop physical and sporting activities for people with special needs.

-       use teaching knowledge to educate and inform different groups.

-       master the principal tools and methods of management applicable to public or private sporting structures and/or sporting events.

-       use the appreciation and understanding as appropriate for your organisation including the methodology, observation and use of training

Specialism APA-S

Specialism Education for People with limited mobility

Specialism Management

Specialism Sports training

The structure of the STAPS discipline provides different teaching hours for each of four specialisms. The numbers of hours increases progressively during the course semester according to the teaching specific to the chosen specialism.

The number of hours, ECTS and coefficients of each UE are available on the degree information board.




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