Université d'Orléans



Orléans University offers three certifications :

  The CLES (higher education certificate of competence in languages) is a certification accredited by the French Ministry of Education. It assesses five operational communications skills of students in several languages: understanding the spoken language, understanding the written language, written expression, oral expression and oral interaction.


Inscription aux sessions CLES 2013/2014



The C2i® (computing and internet certificate) was created to develop, strengthen, validate and certify the skills required for a strong command of information and communications technologies.


Contact: Véronique LEJEUNE - +33(0) - poleavenir.scol@univ-orleans.fr



The C2i2e (level 2 certificate in computing and the internet for teachers) certifies the common professional skills required by teachers in the exercise of their profession, in its educational and civil dimensions.


Contact: Sylvie RIGARD - +33(0) - poleavenir.scol@univ-orleans.fr