Université d'Orléans

Coverage of interns

Students who have a convention with Orléans University for a compulsory placement in France or abroad continue to benefit from the national health insurance scheme for students and the guarantees offered by their private insurance policy.

The administrative department that draws up the convention for a compulsory placement in France or abroad checks that these students have taken out an insurance policy with an insurer of their own choosing that covers their civil liability. 

In application of article L412-8,2° of the French Social Security Code, students benefit from coverage for occupational accidents by Orléans University during their compulsory placement, provided that they do not receive a monthly stipend higher than 30% of the national minimum wage (SMIC) applicable on 1 January of the current year.

In the event of an accident due to their placement or when travelling during the placement, Orléans University declares the accident within 48 hours, on the basis of the information provided by the host company.