Université d'Orléans

Students aged over 28

The rights of all students, irrespective of their situation, are maintained for 12 months, starting on their 28th birthday.

The payment centre chosen during registration continues to make payments until the 30 September corresponding to the end of the academic year.

After this date, the national health insurance centre of the student's place of residence takes over. The student must inform the national health insurance centre in question.

Students who will be 29 years old or more in the course of the reference year, i.e., between 01/10/2012 and 30/09/2013, are no longer covered by the national health insurance scheme for students. They must contact the national health insurance scheme of their place of residence for details of their coverage for health/maternity benefits.

However, certain students are entitled to extend the age limit and continue to benefit from the scheme for students, under the following conditions:

1- to 4-year extension (up to the age of 32):

  • Doctorate students who first registered for their doctorate before the age of 28
  • permanently disabled students

1-year extension:

  • French students who have completed their national service
  • foreign students, who resume their studies in France after completing their national service in their country of origin

                Extensions equal to the period for which the studies were interrupted due to long-term illness, an accident or maternity leave.