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Neurotransmitters: non-neuronal functions and therapeutic opportunities

Organisateurs: INEM & STUDIUM

URL: http://www.lestudium-ias.com/event/neurotransmitters-non-neuronal-functions-and-therapeutic-opportunities

Nom du contact: Ryffel Bernhard

Courriel du contact: bernhard.ryffel@cnrs-orleans.fr

Lieu: Hôtel Dupanloup

CONFÉRENCE "Neurotransmitters: non-neuronal functions and therapeutic opportunities"

Neurotransmitters have profound effects throughout the body, and are essential for communication between neurons, stimulation of muscle and the function of epithelial layers. It is now clear that neurotransmitters regulate a wider range of physiological responses than previously appreciated, including major influences on the immune system, and can be produced by non-neuronal sources.

In this meeting we will present new insights into how neurotransmitters function outside of the nervous system, how these roles contribute to protecting the body from disease and how these molecules can be manipulated to treat disease.

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Hôtel Dupanloup
1 rue Dupanloup
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