Université d'Orléans

Publications 2018

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FEINARD-DURANCEAU M, BERTHIER A, VINCENT-BARBAROUX C, MARIN S, LARIO F-J, ROZENBERG P (2018) Plastic response of four maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) families to controlled soil water deficit. Annals of Forest Science 75: 47

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NAZIR S, ZAKA M, ADIL M, ABBASI B, HANO C (2018) Synthesis, characterization and bactericidal effect of ZnO nanoparticles via chemical and bio-assisted (Silybum marianum in-vitro plantlets and callus extract) methods: A comparative study. IET Nano Biotech (sous presse)
RENOUARD S, CORBIN C, DROUET S, MEDVEDEC B, DOUSSOT J, COLAS C, MAUNIT B, BHAMBRA AS, GONTIER E, JULLIAN N, MESNARD F, BOITEL-CONTI M, ABBASI BH, ARROO RRJ, LAINÉ E, HANO C (2018) Investigation of Linum flavum (L.) Hairy Root Cultures for the Production of Anticancer Aryltetralin Lignans. International Journal of Molecular Sciences (sous presse)
SALLE A, JERGER R, VINCENT-BARBAROUX C, BAUBET O, DAHURON D, BOURGERIE S, LIEUTIER F (2018) Tree-killing aphid dramatically reduces bark contents in carbohydrates and nitrogen compounds. Forest Ecology and Management 407: 23-30