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Soutenance de thèse de Wenjing XIA.

31/10/2018 - 14:00 - 31/10/2018 - 18:00

URL: http://www.univ-orleans.fr/actus/soutenances

Nom du contact: Etudes Doctorales

Courriel du contact: etudes.doctorales@univ-orleans.fr

Lieu: Conference room of the Key Laboratory of Computational Geodynamics - University of Chinese of Academy of Sciences - Beijing - CHINA

Titre : Sedimentary and structural characteristics of the Triassic Nanpanjiang Basin (Southwest China). New insights on the regional tectonic evolution.

Discipline : Sciences de l'Univers


Résumé :

The Nanpanjiang ranks as the largest basin in the South China during the Triassic. In this thesis, a multidisciplinary study including analysis of sedimentary facies, paleo-current, frame work detritus mode, heavy mineral combinations and their geochemistry feature, rock magnetism and Zircon-baddeleyite isotopic dating on diabase was conducted to rebuild the evolution of the basin. The results show that, during the Late Permian to Early Triassic, the 269Ma diabase intruding into the basin announces the opening of the basin, the sedimentary environment became deeper. During the Middle Triassic (after 245 Ma), owing to the influences of the Xuefengshan orogen and the Indochina orogen which are located to the east and south of the basin, the basin evolved into a foreland basin. The diabase ceased emplacement. The detritus and paleo-current analysis indicate that during this stage, the provenances of the East part and South part of the basin were Xuefengshan Orogen and Indochina Orogen respectively. During the Late Tirassic, the depth of the sedimentary environment decreases drastic, indicating that the basin began to shrink owing to the compression of the Xuefengshan Orogen and the Indochina Orogen.