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Granites-Summer school

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GRANITES: Magmatic differentiation, from mafic to felsic

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29680 Roscoff


The GRANITES “magmatic differenciation”, Roscoff, France, will be the second edition of our summer school. In 2017, the first edition of the GRANITES Summer school were held in Orléans and was dedicated to magmatic transfers by combining the experimental and numerical approaches. After this very successful first edition, we decided to open GRANITES at international level.
This edition brings together prestigious experts on magmatic differentiation with complementary approaches: field studies, experimental petrology, geochemistry, petrophysics, modeling, and geochronology. The format of this summer school is based on comprehensive courses (2 hours) followed by less formal exchanges. Seminal courses will expose the story of the ideas together with the most recent findings. Round table discussions will then follow to identify the new challenges for an historical disciplinary. GRANITES welcomes PhD students and postdoc fellows together with more experienced researchers.