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Coupled phenomena between chemical kinetics & fluid dynamics for internal combustion engines, gas turbines and gasification

I.1 Combustion in oxygen enriched air

* Chemical kinetics of oxygen enriched air combustion of natural gas

* Laminar and turbulent premixed & non premixed flames in oxygen enriched air

* Ozone and atomic oxygen assisted ICE combustion

* Magnetic forces enhanced oxygen enrichment

I.2 Hydrogen assisted combustion

* Combustion & emission chemical kinetics of CH4 – H2 and syngas mixtures

* Laminar & turbulent combustion of CH4 – H2, syngas and biogas mixtures

* H2 generation with low temperature oxidation of metal particles in water

I.3 Biofuels

* Chemical kinetics of oxygenated fuels and synthetic kerosene

* Structure and dynamics of high pressure liquid biofuel flames

* Biomass gasification in supercritical water

I.4 Controlling and optimizing internal combustion engines



Coupled phenomena between chemical kinetics & fluid dynamics for aerospace propulsion

II.1 Moderate and high speed flow control

* Boundary layer transition and separation; control and development of actuators

* Supersonic flow control by secondary flows

* Subsonic and supersonic flow control by plasmas

II.2 Chemical space propulsion

* Shock induced supersonic combustion

* Supersonic combustion of the pyrolysis products of hydrocarbons or biofuels

* Continuous detonation engine studies

II.3 Energetic materials

New storable propulsion agents for satellite propulsion (ionic liquids, metallic foams, nanoparticles, H2O2…)


Coupled phenomena between chemical kinetics & fluid dynamics relevant for chemical explosion mitigation and industrial site safety

* Flame acceleration & transition to detonation of gaseous & heterogeneous mixtures

* Blast effects induced by detonation