Université d'Orléans

Publications 2010

MAURY S, DELAUNAY A, MESNARD F, CRÔNIER D, CHABBERT B, GEOFFROY P, LEGRAND M (2010) O-methyltransferase(s)-suppressed plants produce lower amounts of phenolic vir inducers and are less susceptible to Agrobacterium tumefaciens infection. Planta 232: 975-986

BERTHEAU C, BROCKERHOFF E, ROUX-MORABITO G, LIEUTIER F, JACTEL H (2010) Novel insect-tree associations resulting from accidental and intentional biological ‘invasions’: a meta-analysis of effects on insect fitness. Ecology Letters 13: 506-515

HADDAN M, SAUVARD D, LIEUTIER F (2010) Tree factors in relation to success of artificial introductions of Phoracantha recurva larvae in various Eucalyptus species in Morocco. Redia 93: 19-30
FICHOT R, BARIGAH TS, CHAMAILLARD S, LE THIEC D, LAURANS F, COCHARD H, BRIGNOLAS F (2010) Common trade-offs between xylem resistance to cavitation and other physiological traits do not hold among unrelated Populus deltoides x Populus nigra hybrids. Plant, Cell and Environment 33: 1553-1568
GOURCILLEAU D, BOGEAT-TRIBOULOT M-B, LE THIEC D, LAFON-PLACETTE C, DELAUNAY A, EL-SOUD WA, BRIGNOLAS F, MAURY S (2010) DNA methylation and histone acetylation: genetic variations in hybrid poplars, impact of water deficit and relationships with productivity. Annals of Forest Science 67: 208
DURAND T, HAUSMAN J-F, CARPIN S, ALBERIC P, BAILLIF P, LABEL P, MORABITO D (2010) Zinc and cadmium effects on growth and ion distribution in Populus tremula × Populus alba 717-1B4: growth and ion distribution. Biologia Plantarum 54(1): 191-194
DURAND T, KJELL S, PLANCHON S, CARPIN S, LABEL P, MORABITO D, HAUSMAN, J-F, RENAUT J (2010) Acute metal stress in Populus tremula × P. alba (717-1B4 genotype): Leaf and cambial proteome changes induced by cadmium2+. Proteomics 10: 349-368
TCHERKEZ G, SCHAUFELE R, NOGUES S, PIEL C, BOOM A, LANIGAN G, BARBAROUX C, MATA C, ELHANI S, HEMMING D, MAGUAS C, YAKIR D, BADECK F, GRIFFITHS H, SCHNYDER H, GHASHGHAIE J (2010) On the 13C/12C isotopic signal of day and night respiration at the mesocosm level. Plant, Cell and Environment 33(6): 900-913
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HULLE M, COEUR D'ACIER A, BANKHEAD-DRONNET S, HARRINGTON R (2010) Aphids in the face of global changes. Comptes-Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Biologie 333(6-7): 497-503